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Nursing home employee drops resident multiple times

By June 11, 2012 No Comments

An employee at Senior Helpers nursing home in Bloomington dropped an elderly woman at least twice in one day, resulting in heavy bruising, a contusion and a visit to the hospital.

An individual with the caregiver and the resident on that day reported seeing two different falls: The first came when the caregiver transferred the resident from a car to a wheelchair. The caregiver dropped the resident, and she fell on her bottom on to the ground.

The second time, the caregiver dropped the resident when attempting to transfer her from the wheelchair back to the car. At that point, the resident was “visibly upset and crying,” according to a report from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Later that night, the resident complained of pain from the falls, but the caregiver did not report the incident because she believed the nurse already knew about the falls.

A few days later, the resident was found to be lethargic and not taking fluids. Doctors diagnosed “massive hematoma without signs of healing or reabsorption present on the right torso.”

The caregiver who dropped the resident denied all charges against her. She was later fired.

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