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Physical Abuse

New program aids elder abuse victims

By June 19, 2012 No Comments

According to, there are only 12 programs nationwide that cater to elder abuse victims.

Make that 13. A new program in Monroe County, New York, will team with five local nursing homes to give abused residents a temporary housing option.

The program is called Lifespan, and it allows victims to receive care for two to four weeks, during which time the program will attempt to work with family members to resolve the given situation.

Art Mason, Director of Lifespan’s Elder Abuse Prevention Program, said “It provides an important option on the far end of the spectrum for the most vulnerable, the most impaired, the most needy elder abuse victims who can often not choose to leave the situation themselves.”

Unfortunately, there are few programs similar to Lifespan in the continental United States. Perhaps that will change if Lifespan is able to help New Yorkers in a big way.

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