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National budget cuts hurting nursing homes

By June 27, 2012 No Comments

The federal government’s new Budget Control Act is set to slash $782.3 million from the nursing facilities across the nation.

Texas will be one of the hardest-hit states, with more than $50 million taken from their estimated funds, according to the PR Newswire.

Elizabeth Howard, the Administrator of Heartland of San Antonio, worries that the cuts will negatively affect area nursing homes.

“Our facility is treating higher numbers of patients every year requiring increased levels of care,” said Howard, “and more Medicare cuts from Washington will further destabilize facility operations.”

“Facilities like ours,” she continued, “are getting by on the slimmest of operating margins, and it is morally wrong for Texas seniors to be placed in yet more jeopardy due to budgetary dysfunction in Washington.”

When operating costs are high and homes are unable to meet them, corners are oftentimes cut, which can put loved ones in danger.

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