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Illinois hit hard by Supreme Court decision

By June 27, 2012 No Comments

While we covered Texas’ nursing home woes in the last blog post, PR News Wire also took a look at Illinois’ poor situation as a result of the new budget cuts.

The article mentions that nursing homes are the 10th largest industry in the state, but they consistently rank near the bottom in Medicaid reimbursement.

This problem will only deepen with the new ruling by the Supreme Court on national health reform.

“In these uncertain times, nursing homes need a reliable funding stream,” said Mark Parkinson, President and CEO of AHCA/NCAL, “Efforts to trim or limit that Medicaid funding will have lasting, unintentional effects.”

Projections for the state of Illinois indicate there will be a $24.34 shortfall per resident per day in the coming year. Doesn’t sound like much? All of those individual shortfalls add up to $416 million for the year.

“Adequate Medicaid funding in Illinois certainly means quality care delivered to seniors in the state’s centers,” Parkinson said.

It doesn’t appear as if it will get any easier for Illinois nursing homes to take care of their patients in 2013.

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