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‘Compassion fatigue’ strikes nursing home workers

By June 20, 2012 No Comments

According to a new study by Granek, nursing home workers’ productivity could be down as a result of a new kind of trauma.

It’s called “compassion fatigue,” and it can increase absenteeism, accidents and turnover in employee populations.

The malady occurs when caregivers don’t take care of themselves before taking care of patients, resulting in feelings of failure, self-doubt, sadness and powerlessness as a result of their jobs.

If this fatigue remains untreated, symptoms include emotional outbursts, substance abuse and clinical depression. Caregivers are often reluctant when talking to nursing home patients’ families about death and suffering as well.

While we are still learning about this new development in the nursing home community, McKnight’s offers some tips to combat compassion fatigue.

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