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Resident passes away after 16 infections, 34 injuries at nursing home

By May 22, 2012 No Comments

The family of Henry Frazier was recently awarded $3.2 million for negligence by Pioneer Healthcare in Colorado after severe mistreatment of Frazier and his subsequent death.

The state of Colorado disagrees with the settlement, however. Colorado’s official review of the case “produced no citation, no penalty and no consequence for Frazier’s wound or death,” according to the Denver Post.

This is curious because Frazier left facility in question with Stage 4 bedsores, a terrible condition that is as rare as electrocution of a patient or amputating the wrong limb. What’s more, an expert found “Frazier had suffered 16 facility-acquired infections in his time at Pioneer and an ‘appalling’ 34 injuries.”

At one point during his stay, Frazier was sent to the hospital for a “gaping hole” in his buttocks, the product of severe bed sores, yet Pioneer maintains that its staff “properly cared for Frazier before and after the wound,” incensing the Frazier family, who witnessed the terrible wound themselves.

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