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Nursing home abuse: The facts

By May 30, 2012 No Comments

Healthcare Global recently released a statement with basic information on nursing home abuse.

According to the article, “Over 1 million senior citizens were victims of mistreatment and over 90 percent of nursing homes were found in violation of federal health and safety standards” in 2007, the year of the study.

In large nursing homes, factors like hiring staff with criminal backgrounds, inadequately trained staff members and inadequate numbers of workers can lead to abuse or negligence.

According to Healthcare Global, there are four main types of nursing homes abuse:

Physical abuse: unexplained bruises and cuts

Emotional abuse: sudden withdrawal

Financial exploitation: change in accounts or assets

Neglect and abandonment: bedsores or lack of supervision

The report states that neglect is the most common of the four.

It also says “it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced nursing home injury lawyer to discuss…the best course of action” when a loved one is abused at a facility.”

That’s where we come in. Take action if a loved one has been abused or neglected at a care facility.  For a free initial consultation, contact the Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm online or toll free at (877) 552-2873 today.