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Illinois nursing homes face funding problems

By May 21, 2012 No Comments

The Chicago Tribune recently released a long statement from AARP Illinois state director Bob Gallo, in which he outlined the current issues with the condition of nursing homes across the state.

Gallo referenced the Illinois Medicaid crisis, and said it “has groups scrambling to fight for their piece of a shrinking pie and proposing ‘solutions’ for reform.”

He thinks nursing homes are turning to simple, and dangerous option: Lowering standards of care for residents. Gallo said “this translates into lower quality of care, lower quality of life and higher risk for vulnerable older adults.”

Gallo also noted the hypocrisy of the nursing home industry, saying that it is “clamoring to protect its rates,” but that it is still the second-largest contributor to Illinois legislative committees. Gallo said more than $720,000 has been spent in the last four quarters along, and suggested that the money be used for resident care.

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