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What is More Important: Residents’ Safety or Freedom?

By March 29, 2012 No Comments

When it comes to elderly patients whose minds are still sharp but whose bodies don’t listen the way they used to, a tough decision may arise for the care facility and/or the patient’s loved ones:

What is more important: Independence or safety?

In the case of 86-year-old Michigan resident Angie Styf, the choice was very hard. Her sons decided to remove surveillance alarms from her room because she had complained constantly about her lack of freedom. This act of love had terrible repercussions, however: An unmonitored Styf fell in her room one night, suffering a cracked skull that led to her death a few days later.

Still, her sons say they made the correct call, and that the staff did a good job.

“It was a tough call,” David Styf said, but the alarms “bothered her no end. Every phone call I had, it was crying. … She wasn’t living her life.”

To read Angie’s full story, click here.

It is important to communicate with staff members about you or your loved ones needs. A resident has the right to live on his or her own terms, and with the proper communication, a good situation can be provided.

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