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Nursing Home Removes Resident Without Telling Family

By March 27, 2012 No Comments

When a Texas woman went to visit her mother at Seagoville Haven nursing home in mid-February, she was shocked to find the facility locked and empty.

Jerri Major’s mother, Leatha, was nowhere to be found, and the owner of the facility left no note as to the whereabouts of the residents. After a couple weeks of investigation between Jerri and her siblings found out that some residents—including their mother—had been transported to boarding houses nearly 20 miles away.

Unfortunately, by the time Jerri figured out which house Leatha was sent to, she was told that her mother, who suffers from schizophrenia, walked out of her assigned house one day and never returned. She still has not been located.

The owner of the closed facility maintains that Leatha’s family was notified when she was moved, but he doesn’t know who was contacted or when.

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