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Caregivers Use Toilet Water to Abuse Resident

By March 27, 2012 No Comments

Five nursing home attendants were fired last month after a dementia patient was abused in Johnson City, Tenn.

Admissions to the Appalachian Christian Village were suspended last week as state officials began to investigate the matter. Three assistants allegedly sprayed water on a woman suffering from dementia just to see her reaction. After they were caught and fired, two more workers were terminated after lying about the situation.

The perpetrators sprayed water on the helpless woman just to get a reaction, waking her up from her sleep by spraying toilet water onto her exposed face and hands. They felt her ensuing anger was “comical.”

The facility will have a special monitor appointed to it for the time being, and it must submit a plan to correct the problems cited by the Tennessee Department of Health.

Read the full article from The Johnson City Press here.

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