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Careless Nursing Home Staff Kill Resident

By December 7, 2011 No Comments

Two nursing assistants failed to properly strap a Minnesota nursing home resident into a mechanical lift, who fell from the suspended lift and suffered fatal head injuries, according to an investigation by the Minnesota Department of Health.  She was a resident of the Divine Providence Health Center in Ivanhoe. According the MDH report, and a Star Tribune article, the resident “was her normal, jovial self” until her caregivers dropped her head-first from several feet out of the full-body lift.  The nursing assistants failed to properly fasten the safety straps that would have protected the resident.  In response to the careless tragedy, the nursing home gave the employees a warning and found that it was necessary to train these employees how to use the lift after the fact.

Can you imagine being completely suspended in the air, unable to protect yourself, completely dependent on someone else to protect you?  Nursing homes are responsible for making sure qualified staff and proper equipment are in place to make sure every step is taken to protect these vulnerable individuals.  Unfortunately, not all nursing homes live up to this responsibility.  Contact the Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm online or call toll free at (877) 552-2873 if a nursing home has injured your loved one.  You can trust our extensive experience.

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