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Good Samaritan Nursing Home Runs into Trouble in Iowa

The Des Moines Register reports that the Good Samaritan Home in Indianola, Iowa has been fined $24,500 for negligence. State inspectors have found a wide range of neglect bordering on abuse, according ot the article.

Reporter Clark Kauffman states that in one particularly shocking incident, a resident lost a leg to gangrene after the staff watched the infection spread for a full month. The staff noticed the initial blister on Christmas Day, “documented the complaints of severe pain as the wound grew in size, turned black, then emitted a foul odor.” The resident’s daughter later arrived to find her parent “on the floor with no blanket and … bleeding form the head wound.”

The resident was finally admitted to a hospital after pleading with the staff, “I want to go to the hospital. I can’t take the pain anymore.”  The resident’s left leg was amputated just above the knee shortly thereafter.

Good Samaritan allegedly failed to provide any treatment for the infection or the pain and has since been fined $10,000.  According to Reporter Kauffman, the same home was fined another $9,500 for failing to care for a resident who had sustained a head wound and a hip fracture falling out of a lift. After staying with the resident for 10-30 minutes the staff members left the resident unattended.

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