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Physical Abuse

Police Investigate “disturbing claims” from a London Nursing Home

Hidden camera footage shows another woman being abused by nursing home workers. In a case unfortunately similar to a recent Cleveland one, 80-year-old Alzheimer’s patient Maria Worroll has been abused by those responsible for taking care of her.

Similar to the Cleveland incident, the victim was an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s and limited communication abilities. Worroll’s family decided to hide a camera disguised as a clock in her room after they noticed marks on her arm and a change in her mood. The footage was called “very disturbing” by one local official.

The footage shows Maria Worroll being repeatedly slapped, hit, and verbally abused by many nursing home workers.  Eleven workers have been fired, four have been suspended, and local authorities are investigating every employee at the home.

All over the world people charged with taking care of our elders and our most vulnerable continue to abuse them. Worroll’s son John Worroll described the tragedy of elder abuse best, “Just think about how scared she must have been knowing that she was going to be abused like this yet being unable to tell anyone about it. She was a dignified and proud woman who worked her whole life and was always polite and gentle.”

Read full text of the article here.

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