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Nursing Home Abuse Caught on Video

Shocking footage captures nursing home employee abusing Alzheimer’s patient.  A west Cleveland nursing home is under investigation after shocking hidden camera footage is revealed. Steve Piskor, whose 78-year-old mother lives in the home, placed the hidden camera after he suspected abuse.

Piskor complained months ago when he found an unexplained red mark on her face and she raised her hands defensively as he approached. Piskor reports that the operator of the home, MetroHealth, a prominent health service provider in Cleveland,  “said I was taking things out of context and taking it too far… they made me out to be the trouble maker, the complainer, the bad guy… The administrator at one point told me accidents happened and mistakes are made.”

The video shows a nurse’s aide striking the patient’s face, violently throwing the patient into her bed and wheelchair, and pushing the patient’s face into the wall.

Other clips show a different nurse’s aide striking the patient as a fellow employee looks on without intervention.

Two nurse’s aides have already been fired for inappropriate care and a third was disciplined for failing to report the abuse. Virgen Caraballo, one of the nurses from the video, was charged with felony assault and Cleveland police continue to investigate the other aides.

Piskor asks the question we all are: She’s abusing my mother, how many other people is she abusing? What is she doing?

This story reminds us of the pervasiveness of elder abuse, and that we need to continue to hold the abusers accountable.

Read full text of the article here.

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