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Minnesota Woman Convicted of Stealing Painkillers from Patients

Nursing assistant convicted of stealing painkillers from nursing home patients. A woman from Elizabeth was sentenced June 20th after she was charged with stealing painkiller patches from the nursing home where she worked.

ABC reports: Heidi Soland, 30, was charged with theft and neglect in April after allegedly stealing nine painkiller patches from nursing home patients while working as a nursing assistant in Fergus Falls.

Soland admitted to taking the Duragesic patches from four mentally and physically impaired patients at the Broen Memorial Home in April.

Apparently Broen Memorial Home staff started noticing the patches, which contain the powerful narcotic Fentanyl, going missing last October and by January they noticed the disappearances lined up with Soland’s shifts.

Broen Administratro John Zwiers said of Soland’s prosecution: “We are moving forward so that other people can’t be heart in the same way by this person… In my ten years, this is the first time that we’ve had somebody taking drugs like this. People stealing narcotic drugs will be prosecuted, and I think that people need to know that. And that is the way that we can stop it from moving forward in the future.”

As Zwiers pointed out, drug theft is a serious problem that constitutes abuse because the people who need the painkillers don’t get them.

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