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Physical Abuse

Neglected Resident Attacked with Hair Pick

The Contra Costa Times reported on July 23, 2010 that a lawsuit had been filed against an assisted living center in San Leandro, California. The lawsuit alleges the wrongful death of a resident who had Alzheimer’s and spent most of her days in bed in the fetal position.  She required advanced nursing care and total assistance for all activities of daily living.  According to the report, the resident was attacked with a hair pick by her 72-year-old roommate.  The roommate was a dementia patient who had become increasingly violent in the months leading up to the attack.  The resident was found with her eyes swollen shut and bruises and lesions covering her face.  She was sent to the hospital where her wounds were treated and then returned to the assisted living facility. Two days later, she developed pneumonia and had to go back to the hospital.  When she was admitted to the emergency room, doctors found multiple pressure sores on her body.

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