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Physical Abuse

Lawsuit Alleges Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

The Lexington Herald Leader reported on July 25, 2010 that an 88-year-old female Alzheimer’s patient was sexually abused multiple times, as detailed in a recent lawsuit.  The abuse came to light, according to the report, when a nurse’s aid from the nursing home was testifying in an unrelated wrongful death case.  The employee revealed that the resident had been sitting in the hallway when another resident walked up to her and ejaculated on her face.  The nurse’s aid quit her job when she witnessed the same act of abuse against the same resident again three months later and was instructed by her supervisor not to tell anyone because no “real harm” had been done.  Another nurse’s aid who was also testifying in the wrongful death suit stated that she had, on yet another separate occasion, found the resident in her room with semen on her after another male resident had stripped to the waist and blockaded the door.  According to the report, even after these depositions, the nursing home failed to notify the resident’s family of the abuse.  Later depositions stated that before these incidents, the perpetrators had exposed themselves and abused other residents, and that the nursing home did not implement any extra supervisory measures.

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